Payment of Fees

At Consulting Rooms - 145 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy:

Payment is required on the day of your appointment, after your consultation with Dr Lightfoot.

Your first visit (the 'initial consultation') is billed according to the amount of time and complexity involved. There is a Medicare 'Item Number' and corresponding cost for each type of consultation. The rates are significantly below the AMA recommended rates for specialist physicians.

Our office provides automatic Medicare electronic claiming when you pay your bill. You will then receive a refund from Medicare within 48 hours. Your out-of-pocket expenses will be between $75 and $85 dollars (depending on the applicable Item Number).

The same applies to your subsequent visits ('review consultations'). Your out-of-pocket expenses will be between $56 and $66 (depending on the Item Number).

Hospital visits:

Dr Lightfoot may also visit you as an in-patient if you are admitted to one of the private hospitals he attends (St Vincent's Private at Fitzroy, East Melbourne and Kew. Epworth Hospital at Richmond and Freemason's East Melbourne).

Privately-insured hospital patients will have no out-of-pocket expenses for these visits. (Your insurer will pay).

If you are not privately insured, you will be billed by Dr Lightfoot's rooms and payment is required within 14 days. There will be an out-of-pocket expense (similar to the fee structure for the rooms, as described above).